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Kailan Heavy Industry

Kailan Heavy Industry

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Hangzhou kai-Lan Numerical Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou in 2006 opened the first phase of the blue 400 million invested heavily geared began to grasp the core technologies have independent intellectual property rights as the goal, to create a megawatt-class wind turbine gearbox and high-precision hardened gearing manufacturing base in Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, Fuyang Takahashi Landmark 158 acres, it has built a modern plant 76,500 square meters, constant temperature and humidity processing, testing, assembly plant 12,000 square meters. The company introduced the world's most advanced high-precision manufacturing equipment, now has more than 350 sets of production equipment, including the most advanced equipment for large hot and cold processing precision hardened gear box, testing, testing more than 50 (sets), such as Germany, the introduction of the Gregorian Senpu send special company and Hofler manufactured & phi; 700 & mdash; 2500mm CNC grinding machine molding 7 (sets), Russian, German-made CNC boring and milling machining center 4 (sets), Germany WENZEL LHF305020 manufactured high-precision coordinate measuring machines, gear measuring center MMG2000 US, Germany's Siemens company 3600KW manufactured electric power fed back to power enclosed gear box integrated test system. Aichelin company (Austria) manufactured & phi; 2500 * 3600 computer-controlled Pit carburizing production line, Aichelin company (Austria) manufactured & phi; 2200 * 2000 computer-controlled pre-vacuum bell-type gas nitriding production line, etc.

 After years of development company, we have successfully developed a SFD1500KW, SFD2000KW, SFD2500KW series wind power growth me; KQYD, KQYS crane series Hardened reducer; KLXC600T-2500T series unloader differential planetary gear; KLG series of industry standard hardened gear reducer; KLMX250KW-3500KW series vertical mill gear boxes, etc. series. Our products have been widely used in wind power transmission, metallurgy, rail transport, energy, building materials, mining, coal, chemical, oil, port lifting and transport, and many other fields. With world-class high-precision equipment and excellent processing technology and a number of high-quality workforce, manufacturing of gearboxes cost-effective products, excellent service, product quality has fully with the NGC and other famous Flender gearboxes brand comparable gearboxes on the market won wide trust of customers. wind power growth container products currently has an annual 1.5MW-2MW and other types of more than 800 sets of production capacity.


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