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Hangzhou kai-Lan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Add:Hangzhou, Zhejiang Fuyang District Gaoqiao view  of the former pit village Yang 188

Kailan NC Machine

Hangzhou Kailan NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang, Hangzhou with the company area over 50mu,founded in September 2010.

“KAI-LAN“ brand was born aims to create a Chinese machine tool manufacturing quality, to break the current situation that the high quality machine tool market has been monopolized by foreign giants machine; open the door to China's machine tool manufacturing quality.

Hangzhou Kailan NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. combined with the world's best machine brand director.establish R & D center at the inception.Core members are outstanding engineering and technical personnel to study and work at the top level of R & D more than a decade.Optimize the integration and improvement ideas to improve the design and development tools for in-depth study of the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation excellent brand based on the analysis.The main products as specifications 32,40,50,63 flat bed CNC lathes, 32,40,50 of slant bed CNC lathes, CNC vertical lathe 800,1200, 850,1280,1360 etc vertical machining center.All products are traditional hard track (wear-resistant alloy casting), gear box structure.

Hangzhou Kailan NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. use the successful experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment of each subordinate company to KAI-LAN group.All core components are carefully manufactured in accordance with international standards themselves.Production and processing equipment are recognized as the world's top-class equipment as Foundry: 6t IF melting furnace (one for two) two sets; 25t / h resin sand regeneration equipment two sets; Italian technology to produce 10t / h, 20t / h, 40t / h resin sand arms Continuous Mixer each two sets; 2t double fishing, 5t single fishing, 20t and 30t rotary blast cleaning equipment trolley reciprocating each set; load 20t, operating temperature 950 ° C electric far-infrared normalizing furnace two sets; load 30t, operating temperature 650 ° C glow of a far-infrared annealing furnace.With Japanese DAO-JIN company’s 22-channel spectrometer, the Japanese Zhongshan company's mt-2000-type thermometer and domestic well-known enterprises produced rapid metallurgical systems, metal material strength testing machine, low temperature performance test machine. Hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector and sand test instrument.

Machine shop: self-developed 300KW double frequency quenching equipment, Machine Tool quenching depth of not less than 3mm, hardening of not less than HRC55, import gantry machining centers, grinding rails import, import Horizontal Machining Center.

Gear box workshop: Import HOFLER, GLEASON molding grinding machine, imported from Germany STARRAGHECKERT precision horizontal boring and milling machining center.

Sheet metal workshop: the country's top NC pagoda punching, CNC bending machine, CNC shears.

Assembly workshop: Renishaw laser interferometer

Beyond in the begin. Hangzhou Kailan NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. locate traditional and manufacture extreme.Using advanced machine tools,assembly all using the traditional manual scraping technology, ingenuity to create,To create a true high rigidity, high accuracy, high stability, efficient, hard track, turning gear torque class quality CNC machine tools, machine tool giant rival, opened China's machine independent brand boutique era.